Pleb Lab & OSHI presents 'Bitcoin Block Party' on December 2nd: A Bitcoin Standard Austin, Texas.

Pleb Lab & OSHI presents 'Bitcoin Block Party' on December 2nd: A Bitcoin Standard Austin, Texas.

Be apart of history, as Austin takes the first step into moving onto a Bitcoin standard. We are throwing the biggest Bitcoin Block Party ever assembled on historic Rainey St. all powered by Oshi.

Started by the Plebs for the Plebs.

The "Austin Bitcoin Club" "KeepAustinPleb" "Pleb Lab," founded by Kyle Murphy, Keyan Kousha and Car Gonzalez in 2021, are redefining the idea of what a Bitcoin Club "monthly meetup" can do for its own city. What started with a couple Plebs looking to hangout out with Bitcoiners once a month has turned into a selfless driven purpose to assist its city in building out a thriving Bitcoin community. Austin Bitcoin Club hosted out of Capital Factory and its mission to be the center of gravity for entrepreneurs in Texas, has turned into the largest social gathering of Bitcoiners in a matter of months in Austin. #KeepAustinPleb events churned out bitcoin centric events focused in and around Bitcoiners in Austin. Pleb Lab which came out of a need to further Bitcoin, Lightning developers and projects working in Austin. Created a workspace among other brilliant Bitcoin developers at Pleb Lab. Its first Pleb Lab cohort of projects were provided startup advisory, mentoring, business development, networking, marketing and strategy. They were given a couple years of growth in the span of a few months. A rapid Bitcoin accelerator for Bitcoin wizards. Pleb Lab has grown to be the first of its kind.

Meet Oshi

Taking advantage of Bitcoin’s Lightning Network and processing payments instantly and near-free, without the middlemen, saving businesses time and money, while creating a Bitcoin Standard in every city.

Together with one of its projects out of Pleb Lab, "Oshi," founded by Michael Atwood, look to move Austin businesses onto a Bitcoin Standard. Oshi is helping local businesses and consumers leverage the bitcoin network to empower their community.

When you show business owners the above image, take into consideration the inflationary measures governments around the world have taken since lockdowns. Business owners run the numbers and they understand earning Bitcoin through Oshi is an absolute no brainer. To date, Oshi has onboarded a total of 12 businesses here in Austin and 1 in Houston. A total of 47 businesses are on Oshi and its rapidly evolving. We are now seeing a compounding trend where businesses and other parts of the food supplier chain are onboarding themselves onto Oshi.

Be apart of history, as we take the first step into moving Austin onto a Bitcoin standard. We throw the biggest Bitcoin Block Party on historic Rainey St.

The biggest Bitcoin Block Party ever assembled in Austin is this Thursday, December 2nd.

The Platinum Sponsor for the event is Choice.

Sponsors for the Bitcoin Block Party on Dec 2nd event are as follows.

Voltage, Fulger Ventures, OpenNode, Capital Factory, Ibex and Dominant Strategies, Unchained Capital

The Media Sponsor for the event is Bitcoin Magazine.

Bitcoin Magazine.

The Payment Provider for the event is Zaprite.


Practical information

Will meet up at our usual spot at Capital Factory for our Austin Bitcoin Club - Pleb Symposium then began the walk over to Rainey St. for the nights festivities.

Make sure to RSVP to save your spot.

  • Make sure your at Capital Factory by 6:30pm if you want to walk with Kyle to Rainey St with the Bitcoin Flag.
  • Will be leaving Capital Factory around 7:15pm-7:30pm.

Time & Location

  • Dec 02, 8:00 PM CST – Dec 03, 2:00 AM CST
    70 Rainey St, Austin, TX 78701, USA
  • Will be in front of the Food Trucks and The Tipsy Alchemist on 70 Rainey St, Austin, TX 78701, USA

This is a Free #KeepAustinPleb Event

  • Free Sats will be earned through the Oshi app with every purchase made that evening on Oshi pilled businesses located on Rainey St.
  • A Lightning Wallet and the Oshi app is required to participate with the nights festivities.
  • Food trucks located at the Rainey St. trailers will be giving a huge % of Sats back on Food all evening
  • The Tipsy Alchemist will have a DJ pumping Bitcoin music and a huge % of Sats back on Drinks all evening.
  • Every purchase made through Oshi on December 2nd is supporting the local businesses on Rainey St. and moving them onto a Bitcoin Standard.

Press and Media

For press and interview requests with Kyle Murphy and Michael Atwood. Please contact and schedule availability prior to the event from 11:00am - 5:00pm unless a prior appointment has been set prior to this press release.




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Car González

Car González

Austin, Texas