Bitcoin Projects Working at Pleb Lab

Bitcoin Projects Working at Pleb Lab

The best of the best are building at PlebLab_. We’re a group of friends who want each other and the Bitcoin ecosystem to succeed. These are projects for understanding bitcoin, using bitcoin, building on top of bitcoin, and ushering in a bitcoin standard.


Stacker.News is improving the social content model by introducing micropayments into the mechanism for incentivizing users and enabling censorship resistance. “It’s like Reddit but we pay you Bitcoin.” It’s the place for high-signal bitcoin info and value-for-value online community created by Keyan.


John built the web app he needed himself: beautiful, professional, and customized invoicing for Bitcoin, Lightning, or other payments. Zaprite a seamless way to convert your time into Bitcoin.


From founder Michael comes Oshi, a powerful marketing and rewards platform for local commerce, leveraging the Lightning Network to empower small businesses and replace pointless rewards with something that people really want - Bitcoin.


While bitcoiners are selling chairs to stack more sats, Sam built a Proof-of-Funds app without a trusted third party so you can leverage your wealth meaningfully to creditors and lendors who still operate in the fiat system. Hoseki is building towards a world where Bitcoin is the global standard for money.

Lightning Escrow

Escrow is a misunderstood tool for trusted digital payment settlements. Founder Tristan and his team are building  Lightning Escrow as the realization of bitcoin’s potential for streamlining and innovating the escrow industry to be lightning-fast at a fraction of the cost, just as Satoshi intended (see bitcoin white paper).

Dusty a Bitcoin Lightning dev, working on splicing! GitHub


Thomas Q. Johns founder of MoonBase5 is reimagining a system that helps communities find their greatness. They offer ways to get more bitcoin to everyday people. Everyone should be able to go to the moon.

Super Testnet

Bitcoin Developer Super Testnet

Car González

Car González

Austin, Texas