FOSS Residency for Super Testnet

FOSS Residency for Super Testnet

Learn more about what Super Testnet builds on Bitcoin

We just moved into the new lab and have already begun working towards phase II of PlebLab. This will be one of many announcements we will be making over the course of August.

At PlebLab, we firmly believe that supporting developers is key for bitcoin to continue on.

Free and open-source development is critical to breakthroughs in bitcoin. The FOSS ethos has aligned with our core mission at Pleb Lab since our early days.

Today we would like to formally announce FOSS Residency at the new Pleb Lab to Super Testnet. Super Testnet is a wizard among wizards. He has had an enormous impact inside of Pleb Lab and in our city of Austin. Super has been with Pleb Lab before there was a 7x12 office space. He has relentlessly contributed to bitcoin at a phenomenal rate and gives unconditionally. He is a constant inspiration to us all.

What does this FOSS Residency mean?

  1. Pleb Lab supports anything, and everything Super would like to build on bitcoin inside of The Lab.
  2. He also plans to assist developers at the Lab and create workshops around the tools he uses and creates.

Here is a list of some of his recent inventions:
Tor talker - A tor proxy for connecting to lnbits and/or lnd over tor, with functions for getting and checking invoices
Bull run - Ridesharing software powered by bitcoin payments and the lightning network
Vanilla js nostr - A demo of posting and viewing a feed in nostr using vanilla javascript
Lightning escrow - A website that uses hodl contracts for an escrow service
Whisper addresses - A poorly thought-out BIP47 ripoff that is prone to loss of funds- but with javascript interpreters!

To learn more about how and why Super Testnet builds on bitcoin, check out his Tenacity talk at Bitcoin++ below.

The importance of trying, failing, and trying again in the bitcoin software development, with encouraging words and examples by Super Testnet.

Car González

Car González

Austin, Texas