Oshi is Rapidly Evolving

Oshi is Rapidly Evolving

Oshi is helping local businesses and consumers leverage the bitcoin network to empower their community. When you show business owners this image, take into consideration the inflationary measures our government has taken since lockdowns. Business owners run the numbers and they understand earning Bitcoin through Oshi is an absolute no brainer.

Oshi has onboarded a total of 12 businesses here in Austin and 1 in Houston.


  • Monks Momo
  • La Sirena Taqueria
  • Tipsy Alchemist
  • Mr. Sandwich
  • Big Fat Greek Gyro
  • Tokyo Gourmet
  • Masala Dhaba
  • K&C Cattle
  • Taco Baby
  • Happy Lobster

They are also nearing the final details to onboarding two major Austin established restaurants into Oshi:

  • Z-Tejas
  • 3 Forks


  • Batanga
Weekly Call Oshi has started to support businesses who are onboarding themselves.

A total of 47 businesses are on Oshi. We are also now seeing a trend where Oshi businesses are onboarding themselves. This is attributed to the Weekly Evangelist Call Michael has been doing.

Bitcoin Block Party powered by Oshi

Michael also spoke at the local Austin Bitcoin Club where he gave his presentation on what Oshi is. So many people flew in for this event to see Michael speak and learn more about Oshi.

Also coming up very soon is the #Bitcoin Block Party on Dec. 2nd. RSVP HERE it will be powered entirely by Oshi.

Will be doing Live Twitter Spaces everyday this week Nov. 29th, Nov. 30th, Dec. 1st from 7pm - 9pm CST to discuss Oshi and the Bitcoin Block Party event. Make sure to follow @PlebLab on twitter to be notified when this goes live.

Every time you swipe your debit or credit card, wealth is being siphoned from your local economy by banks and financial institutions via payment processing fees.

Bitcoin’s Lightning Network processes payments instantly and near-free, without the middlemen, saving businesses time and money, while creating a Bitcoin Standard in every city.

Groupon is so ngmi lol.

Car González

Car González

Austin, Texas