⚡PlebLab Continues to Pump Out Weekly Dev Workshops

⚡PlebLab Continues to Pump Out Weekly Dev Workshops

Last week, ⚡Bitcoin developer Topher Scott (@btctechsupport) hosted the 4th ⚡PlebLab Bitcoin developer workshop - Demystifying The Bitcoin White Paper.

Topher led the group of active and aspiring bitcoin and lightning devs through the technical aspects of the bitcoin white paper.👨‍💻 He began with a brief history of the faceless founder, Satoshi Nakamoto, and the works of the cryptographers cited by Satoshi.

He followed with an introduction to the concept of blockchain, cryptography, and Proof-of-Work Consensus, and how Bitcoin uses them to solve the issues that traditionally required banks and other centralized money issuers to solve. 🏦💸

During and after his presentation, Topher took live questions from the audience.🙋‍♂️ The entire workshop was recorded and live streamed to Youtube and Twitter for those who couldn't make it person. Topher is also a professor teaching Bitcoin at the University of Texas at Austin. 🤘

Super Testnet Hosted the 5th ⚡PlebLab Dev Workshop this Week. He Led the Plebs through Writing their First Bitcoin Scripts

Super🦸‍♂️ had the plebs work directly with bitcoin core, coding their very own "smart contracts".

The plebs were introduced to some programming concepts. They then learned how to mine blocks to earn sats, and fund their script addresses, and redeem sats from their script addresses. 🔐

⚡PlebLab Has a Few More Outstanding Workshops in the Pipeline for October:

🗓️ Next week's workshop will be hosted by Constantin, and he will be presenting on Bitcoin Marketing. Constantin has a rich background in marketing, and his insights will greatly improve the marketing side of the bitcoin space.

10/1 - Christopher David, the founder and CEO of Arcade City.

10/8 - Ben Carman, bitcoin developer at The Bitcoin Company.

10/15 - TBA

10/22 - TBA

⚡PlebLab is pumping out weekly Bitcoin developer workshops. ⚡PlebLab is committed to providing constant signal to the bitcoin space with their weekly dev workshops, and live streams from the PBS studio. Stay tuned for more workshops, events, and PBS livestreams.🎥📡  With all of the signal transmitted weekly, you can't afford to miss out on a single thing. Follow us on Twitter, and turn on notifications.🔔  

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