"The Gang Goes on Thriller Lightning"

"The Gang Goes on Thriller Lightning"

This past week Kyle Murphy, Anthony Ronning, Ben Carman and Car González went on Thriller Lightning to talk about the Pleb Lab Bitcoin Accelerator and the Bitcoin project/dev scene that flourished in 2021. They also discuss what Pleb Lab means to Austin, the great Bitcoin migration to Austin and a ton of other topics. Peep below and listen.

Topics discussed in order:

  • Privacy in Bitcoin Social Circles
  • Spooks in Austin Bitcoin Scene
  • Liazer Masks
  • Return of Justin Moon and Kyle story time
  • What Pleb Lab means to Austin
  • Car being a Rainbow Bear
  • Spending Sats at #Bitcoin Block Party
  • Great Bitcoin Migration to Austin in 2021
  • Michael and the power of Oshi
  • Witnessing Kyle's real life Chronicle Scene  at #Bitcoin Block Party
  • Bitcoin OG's vs New Bitcoiners now
  • Led Zeppelin of Bitcoin forms and kinda announcement made?!?
  • The Funniest Bitcoiner at Pleb Lab? Super Testnet or Ben Carman
  • Lightning Escrow announcement
  • What everyone thinks of the Austin Bitcoin project and dev scene?
  • Does the Pleb Lab Bitcoin Accelerator actually help you do more as a Bitcoiner?
Car González

Car González

Austin, Texas