We Help Early Stage Bitcoin Startups

We Help Early Stage Bitcoin Startups

Our Mission

We believe in Bitcoin as a next generation politically neutral monetary system, the foundation for decentralized finance of the future. While Bitcoin is an efficient settlement layer, it needs a Layer-2 solution for everyday transactions. That is why we support development of the Lightning Network - an essential step towards decentralized finance.

What We Do

Pleb Lab is a group of misfit hackers who firmly believe that coming together to support developers is key for bitcoin to continue on. We have a co-working / accelerator in Austin, Texas at the heart of the financial district. We support outstanding projects and teams in several ways:

  • Working directly with Bitcoin & Lightning startups
  • Granting workspace among other brilliant Bitcoin developers at Pleb Lab
  • Providing startup advisory and mentoring
  • Providing business development, marketing and strategy

Free and open-source development is critical to breakthroughs in bitcoin. The FOSS ethos is at the center of what we do here at Pleb Lab.


Kyle Murphy
Car González


Ben Price
Graham Krizek
John Cantrell
Zack Shapiro
Car González

Car González

Austin, Texas